The Reviveaphone Story Part 3: What Are we Going to do With The Money?

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Spend it all on a nice holiday

holiday island, beach and sea

………. NOT!

We Need More Vans

23 to be precise (by June 2018). Each van will be fitted with the speciality equipment. These vans will cover specific areas of the UK to allow greatest coverage. This UK coverage will allow us to offer our service to UK wide corporates and insurance companies. As well as the general public.

Reviveaphone van fleet

Hire More Staff

These 23 vans are not going to drive themselves. We will need to hire 23 new technicians, all of whom will need to be extensively trained.

Reviveaphone technician at work

More coverage will mean more customers. We will expand our customer service team so our customer service level is maintained to an excellent standard.

Reviveaphone customer services

Start Repairing New Devices

We want to start repairing a greater variety of devices rather then just iPad and iPhones. To do so we will need to purchase more equipment and train technicians how to use it.

Lots of phones
Lots of phones

Extend Marketing


We want everyone to know about Reviveaphone. We will look towards different marketing streams to gain greater brand awareness. We want everyone in the UK to know about Reviveaphone.

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One more marketing tool



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