How To Fix A Cracked iPad Screen

If you’ve cracked your iPad screen there are a number of things you can do to “patch it up”. These should only ever be seen as short term fixes – there is no substitute for a screen replacement.

How To Fix A Cracked iPad Screen

Tape up the screen or apply a screen protector

Once you’ve cracked your iPad screen there are a few temporary fixes you can do to get you by. The quickest method is to simply patch the screen up with Sellotape – it doesn’t look great, but it should stop the cracks getting any worse and will stop you cutting your finger on any sharp edges. The second option is to apply a screen protector – you’ll find them cheap on eBay. Once again, it won’t look very attractive, but it will at least make it mostly usable for the short term.

Time to retire the old iPad?

If your iPad is really old, then perhaps it’s time for a new one? Some older iPad’s run really slowly by modern standards and the cost to replace the screen can be prohibitive. If however you don’t want to go to the effort of migrating your iCloud account, replacing the broken screen could make life easy.

Get your iPad repaired

Getting your cracked iPad screen repaired is often the most cost-effective option. If there’s nothing else wrong with the iPad then why would you do anything else? Moving from one iPad to another is time consuming and setting up apps and re-entering passwords is a nuisance.

At WeFix, you can get a price to replace your broken iPad screen in a matter of a minutes. Simply put your postcode into the box, select your iPad, select your problem and a price to repair your iPad will be displayed.

WeFix Home Page

iPad screen repair prices

Our iPad screen repair price list can be found below. For prices on all other phone and tablet repairs, please visit the WeFix iPad and iPhone repair prices page here.

iPad 1 £68.00
iPad 2 £77.00
iPad 3 £77.00
iPad 4 £77.00
iPad Air £80.00
iPad Air 2 £270.00
iPad Mini £80.00
iPad Mini 2 £80.00
iPad Mini 3 £80.00
iPad Mini 4 £196.00
iPad Pro 9.7 £229.00
iPad Pro 10.5 £299.00
iPad Pro 12.9 £299.00
iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Generation £399.00
iPad Pro 12.9 3rd Generation £479.00
iPad 2017 £80.00
iPad 2018 £80.00



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