Is Your Old Nokia Worth More Than Your iPhone?

There’s a huge trend towards mobile phone recycling these days. It makes perfect sense, pick a phone recycling website, send away your phone and receive payment.  You could sell it yourself on eBay but who really wants the agro for a few £ extra?

Hold on a minute though! Could it be more cost effective to just leave the phone in the drawer and forget about it for 10 years or so?

This might sound crazy, but after searching eBay it seems some older phones are going up in value and may now be worth more than your old iPhone.

Here’s an example:

A Nokia 5110 on Ebay selling for £99.99

Nokia 5110


Selling your iPhone 5S 16GB for only £50

On top of this, we found an Apple iPhone 3GS selling for £1000 – actually others are selling for well over this!

iPhone 3GS for sale

So why are these old phones fetching so much money? Its simple really – there just aren’t many of them left. It’s a bit like classic cars – most have been scrapped or written off. This leaves a handful still on the road and when demand outstrips supply the price increases.

Needless to say, it’s impossible to tell if an iPhone 5S could be worth more than £50 in 10 years time. However, if you’ve still got the box and the accessories and your old iPhone is still in great condition it could be worth a punt!


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