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Today we have the joy of bringing you some really exciting news. As you are probably aware, we’ve been ever so slightly absent recently and, whilst we are VERY sorry about that, it’s all for an excellent reason!

We have been one of only a handful of companies who have been selected to feature on Amazon’s newest programme Amazon Launchpad! This is a unique platform for showcasing new, innovative products from “cutting-edge” startups (yes, that’s how they described us) which will be launching in the UK very soon. The programme is an excellent opportunity for startups and newer products as it’s a huge amount of exposure, marketing and expertise which is extremely hard for young companies to access.

This programme is already running in the US, so if you want to have a peak at what our page will look like and check out some brilliant new products then just click here.

The product Amazon has selected to feature on this brilliant new programme is Splash, the water resistant spray. This is a product we are extremely proud of and so we are absolutely thrilled that it has received such recognition!

For this of you who may not know about our water resistant spray, here’s a little run down, followed by a demonstrative video.

What is Splash?

Splash is an innovative nano solution which uses creative technology to protect your smartphone from splashes and spills for up to 12 months!

What does Splash do?

Splash creates a water resistant barrier around your phone, which stops the water from penetrating the device & attacking the delicate components inside.

Will it affect the feel of my phone?

Not at all! When applied correctly, Splash is completely invisible and protects your device whilst being 1,000x thinner than a human hair!

How do I apply it?

One of the best parts about Splash is how simple the application process is. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 – or in this case, spray, scrape and buff!

Step 1: Spray Splash directly onto all buttons and openings on your device – if your device features a removable back, remove it and the battery and thoroughly coat the inside. Repeat three times.

Step 2:  After 5 minutes, use the scraping tool provided to remove any excess residue from your device’s screen. Continue until smooth.

Step 3:  Spray any remaining solution onto the cloth – from approximately 2cm away – and then firmly buff it into the device. Repeat until clear.

Your phone could be water resistant in as little as 10 minutes!

Safe to say we’re extremely excited about this endeavour and will, of course, be updating our blog throughout the entire process. So keep your eyes peeled!



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