Apple in negotiations with BMW leading up to the development of their first car.

Word on the street is that Apple is in negotiations with BMW as they are looking to use the car manufacturing giant’s i3 as a base for their first electronic car.

Apparently attracted to the car’s carbon fibre body, reports say that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, has already visited BMW’s production HQ in Leipzig, Germany. Accompanied by other executives from the tech manufacturer, Cook’s visit was a step to try and create a deal surrounding the i3.

Although the German automobile company’s electric car hasn’t been as much of a success as some other, similar models on the market, the vehicle’s plastic body, reinforced with carbon fibre has made it the US’ most energy efficient car available.

Despite not having the most impressive tech on-board, BMW’s i3 and i8 have meant that the company has the highest percentage of plug-in cars in the States. So it’s clear to see what the appeal is for Apple.

Its lack of tech won’t be much of an issue for the makers of the iPhone 6 as it is rumoured their car’s production doesn’t start until 2020. Leaving them plenty of time to tweak and improve the i3’s design to their high- standards.

According to the original report; by German publication Manager Magazin (translated link here), negotiations between the companies began last Autumn, but have only now been re-visited after being called off. So we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for any developments for you!

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