Top Festival Tech Picks

Top Festival Tech Picks

With summer comes festival season; weeks of travel, music and questionable hygiene. And whilst we all look forward to the fun they have in store, festivals do pose some issues when it comes to our tech comforts. How do I charge my phone? My phone got dropped in beer on the first night! Or how do I make my mobile mosh-pit proof? Fear not! Reviveaphone are here to help with our top picks to help you (and your tech) prepare for this year’s festivals.

1. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to damaging electronic devices so before you go make sure you’ve got the best protection! Perhaps it’s all the fresh air, but we find that drunken dance moves at festivals prove to be even more energetic, and potentially more dangerous for your tech, than usual. With this in mind it’s definitely worth your while to get your hands on a good, durable phone case. Yes they have the potential to be bulky, but compared to a smashed phone, it’s worth it. Griffin technology have a large range of cases to fit pretty much every device and they even come in customisable, festival-appropriate colours!

They’re also so rigorously tested that they claim to not only be able to deal with drops onto concrete from 6.6ft and rain, but they can even withstand an hour in a 40mph sandstorm! If that’s not enough for your time at Glastonbury then we really want to know what you’re planning on doing!

2. With hot weather comes the need to cool down and refresh, which normally involves water. Not to mention the copious amounts of alcohol that are bound to be everywhere, as well as dubious cups of liquid being thrown around the crowd; water damage is a very real threat. What better way to keep your mind at ease than to protect it with our very own Splash? Yes this may seem like a shameless plug, but with our new travel-size packaging and easy application, it really is a no brainer.




3. From gadgets to Apps now with the ingenious BlaBlaCar. This app allows you to grab a lift with other festival goers who have spare seats! The Apps safety is paramount and each driver is authenticated and rated, as well as BlaBlaCar helping out by providing valuable information about each members recent activity and experience level. And if the lure of a road trip party isn’t enough to tempt you, then how about Priority Parking for Latitude, Reading and Leeds Festivals?? Meaning you get to park right outside the festival entrance. And if THAT isn’t enough, you will even be entered into a raffle to win tickets to Latitude, Leeds and Reading 2016!





4. These days an experience that isn’t shared, it might as well have not happened. Keep your adoring public updated with all of your festival antics through EE’s Osprey 2. Offering 4GEE for up to 15 hours constant streaming, the Osprey means you can get up to 10 people online wherever you are! With a pay monthly option and a contract option you can buy it yourself or split the cost with a group of you; making it a pretty affordable and useful investment. You can even use it to charge your phone or tablet, which, as we all know too well, tend to die very quickly with incessant filming and selfie-taking.




5. Another handy trick to help keep your mobile going for as long as you do is the Battery HD+ app. Giving you details on how long your device will last whilst operating various tasks, how long it will take to recharge and the ability to set alerts when your battery hits a certain percentage (useful for those of us without a percentage next to our battery icon) this app will most definitely come in handy during those long festival nights. It’s also available for Apple and Android devices!



6. Keeping with the theme of preserving battery life, I’m sure we can all agree that a portable charging unit is an extremely useful gadget that we could all use, regardless of whether we’re attending a festival or not. The EC Technology Power Bank is extremely portable, can charge up to 3 devices and is compatible with the majority of phones and tablets. It even includes an LED light to indicate charging levels and with its A+ Lithium-ion battery, the company claims it can handle 500+ recharge cycles over the life of the battery. We’re very impressed, especially as its under 30!







7. Excitement and enthusiasm are things everyone wants to see at a festival, but paired with an inebriated sense of abandon, there is high potential for your belongings to get somewhat neglected. Here at Reviveaphone we want to make sure that you don’t lose out because you’re carefree this festival season, and so suggest putting the fate of your device in the hands of a super-durable screen protector. We’ve been completely won over by this contribution from inToro. With its tempered glass able to sustain pressure from an electric drill, were pretty confident it’ll do an excellent job at making your beloved devices festival-proof this summer!






8. With all the bright lights and distractions it’s no wonder that we’re constantly losing our friends at festivals. Make the inevitable one less thing to worry about with the Find My Friends app from iTunes or Locate My Friends for our Android users. When your friends share their location with you they pop up on a map, giving you fast relief and stress-free reunions!




9. From the high-tech to the ingenious now with the Cash Stash keyring. Simply screw the top off this aluminium pill, roll up your notes, reseal and go! Simple, but oh so effective; especially when the queue for the cash machine extends out of sight! Its waterproof and there are tonnes of colours available online.





10. Our final pick is on the pricey side, but is so clever, we had to include it! The Biolite camping stove can not only provide heat, light and a source to cook with, but it can also charge your electrical devices!! What’s more, it uses flammable biomass materials! That’s right, you can charge your gadgets with pinecones, twigs or wood pellets. You can even buy kettle or BBQ add ons so you can be prepared for whatever your trip has in store! Not to mention, it’s really small and lightweight, making it perfect for travelling. We’re very impressed!

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