Coronavirus Information for WeFix Customers

WeFix provides the smartest, fastest, easiest way to get your smartphone or tablet repaired.

Phone repair with gloves

In light of the current situation, to maintain the highest standards of health and safety, we’ve put in place some extra measures to safeguard your wellbeing.

  • No physical contact is necessary when handing over your device.
  • Technicians do not enter your premises
  • Your WeFix technician will handle your device using fresh disposable gloves throughout the repair
  • All devices are cleansed thoroughly before and after repair, using sanitising wipes
  • Devices are returned to customers by technicians using fresh disposable gloves
  • Repair satisfaction sign-off will be completed by the technician, on behalf of the customer, avoiding any physical contact

Remember, WeFix comes to you, saving time and money, whilst helping to safeguard your wellbeing.

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