The Long Road To Romania

Adam (Hull Technician) and Tony (Liverpool Technician) have just completed an amazing 3,700-mile round trip to a partners call centre in Bucharest, Romania. This partner is one of the world’s biggest device insurers, operating some of Europe’s most well-known gadget insurance brands.

The aim of the trip was to raise awareness of the WeFix service amongst the partner call centre team, ensuring WeFix becomes – and remains – the number one repair option for all smartphone and tablet claims.

The Schedule

Day 1 – Saturday morning, 06 July 2019, Adam and Tony depart the UK, arriving in France, via Le Shuttle. Stopping off for a short break in Dunkirk, it’s onward and upward to Brussels, via the Menin Gate in Ypres, Belgium.

Day 2 – After a quick photo call at the Parc du Cinquantenaire, it’s time to get in some serious miles. Around 9.00 pm, almost eight hours and 600 miles later, Team WeFix arrives in Salzburg, desperate for a well-earned night’s sleep.

Day 3 – Destination Budapest, Hungary. Only 400 miles and the Austrian Alps stand between the lads and Assurant HQ so not much time for photos. Budapest finally comes into view just after 8.00 pm – victory is within their grasp!

Day 4 – The last leg to Bucharest means over 500 miles of driving and 12 hours at the wheel. It really is make-or-break as the next day our partner is expecting Team WeFix on-time and on-form.

Day 5 – A hot and sunny day greets our boys in Bucharest, who are up early to clean and prep’ the van, ready to make the best impression on our partners call centre staff and management.

WeFix Commercial Director Neil Spanswick joins Adam and Tony at HQ, where they deliver a service demo’, show-off the booking system, repair staff devices and answer those all-important questions.

Everyone in attendance is really impressed with the overall service offering. Even more astonishing, certainly as far as our partners crew are concerned, is the fact that Adam and Tony have actually driven half-way across Europe to be there. Adam and Tony can’t really believe it too. 

After lunch, Neil presents WeFix to senior managers, taking the opportunity to embarrass Ollie by showing his appearance on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, when he was just eighteen. How times have changed! 

Homeward Bound

The journey home seems twice as long with only one night in Paris to rest, recuperate and capture a few final photos.

Back on The Shuttle with Folkstone looming large, our lads contemplate a world without strong coffee and endless sandwiches, and decide life is good.

Our sincere thanks go to Adam and Tony who seem to have survived their ordeal unharmed. Without any doubt it was an amazing effort by all involved – well done!

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