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Reviveaphone Weekly Round Up

Here at Reviveaphone we’re about more than just phone repairs, we love all things tech and are passionate followers of up to date tech news and developments. So we thought what better way to connect with our wonderful customers than to do a weekly roundup of everything we’ve come across throughout the week in the world of tech? Each week we’ll breakdown what we feel are the most interesting developments and releases and give you our thoughts, as well as giving you all the information you need, without the jargon!

So, without further ado, here is our first weekly roundup!


As some of you who follow us on Social Media may have seen, inToro have brought out an incredible, tempered glass screen protector, which is pretty much indestructible. And when we say indestructible, we mean it! Claiming to provide your smartphone with “…the best protection available” inToro has us pretty impressed. Their demonstration video features their product being tested against, as you would expect, keys and knives etc, and remaining untarnished. However, they then move on to a slightly more dramatic approach by using the phone’s screen as a chopping board, subjecting it to a hammer and then…an electric drill. Yes you read correctly, inToro’s phone screen protector will defend against power tools! Only when brought up against a dedicated tempered glass breaker did the product finally break, but once the damaged sheet was removed, the phone’s screen was unaffected! If that isn’t protection then we don’t know what is!

HP Sprout

Moving away from tech protection and onto development now with the elegant HP Sprout. Essentially a 23inch all-in-one computer, the HP Sprout uses a series of cameras and interactive technology to change the way we interact with PCs and is described by HP as “the world’s first immersive computer”. Featuring only three soft touch buttons at the base of the screen, the computer’s keyboard is created using a projector, which sits above the monitor, and senses gestures as input; working as a keyboard and mouse in one. Projections are placed onto a mat which has 20 points of touch sensitivity and can be used to interact with the Sprout’s apps as well as using an infra-red camera on the Intel RealSense unit to allow easy 3D scanning of objects, which can then be rotated around on screen, or you can even create a 3D print out of them. Such hands-on interaction with your PC could be the start of an even closer relationship with technology, blurring the lines between you and your computer further.

Blocks Modular Smartwatch

Furthermore, the world of interactive tech has recently become even closer to us as we now have the option to wear it all the time. The introduction of smart watches is an exciting one, with the majority of large tech companies making their contributions. Now Blocks has introduced an even more bespoke way to wear your tech with their customisable smartwatch. The basic Blocks smartwatch is available with a round face, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and fast processor; with which you’ll be able to track fitness, get phone notifications and use voice commands. Then, you can buy extra modules, to make the watch your own. Modules include options such as a bigger battery, NFC chip or fingerprint scanner. These modules all fit together to form the strap of your Blocks smartwatch, so the size of your wrist will determine how many modules you can have. What’s more, the Blocks platform is open to developers, so companies can create their own modules; from your camera to your bank, your watch could be extremely tailored to you. As well as customising your watch’s performance, you can customise it’s appearance too. From colours and materials to dials and screens, this watch has your input throughout.

Unfortunately, Blocks is just a concept, for now. However, with backing from Intel and a crowdfunding campaign launching this summer it won’t be long before the most personal and customisable tech accessory will be a reality!

iOS9 Updates

In other news, Apple has some exciting new features coming
with IOS9. Including key enhancements to built-in apps and improvements to the operating system this newest development looks to be the most efficient yet. However it’s the multi-tasking development for iPad that’s really got our attention here at Reviveaphone. Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture give us new ways to multitask on iPad, allowing you to view two apps at once and increasing productivity and making it even more user friendly. It also looks pretty cool!




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