Reviveaphone Rewind

It’s been a while. Ok longer than a while, but we’re expanding and lots of exciting things are happening so I hope you can forgive us!

To make it up to you, here is a brand new Reviveaphone Rewind post (we know, we know, it’s what you’ve always wanted).

A lot has been happening in the world of Tech recently, not least because of the wonderful amount of Tech conferences and events there have been. An up and coming event, the T3 awards, appears to have some very exciting new gadgets and software for us to get our hands on! We’re particularly interested to see what innovative crowdfunding website Indiegogo will be showcasing, as they have promised to display 13 of their best technology campaigns.

What’s more, they have given us an exciting sneak peek at 10 of these new creations on the T3 website. They range from clever music makers to efficient and thorough home security. Here are just a few of our favourites from the exciting lineup.

1. Friday Smart Lock

Security is extremely important for all of us and tech company Friday take it very seriously. They will be showcasing their extremely cost-effective, low-maintenance answer to the age-old issue “where are my keys?”. The world’s most advanced smart lock is easily installed on the inside of your door – ensuring no attention is attracted – and notifies you if anyone tries to open the door. What’s more, it will allow you to open your door using your Smartphone’s Bluetooth or Wi-Fi! Simply unscrew your doorknob (just two screws), insert the baseplate to fasten the Smart Lock and your keys will be a thing of the past!

It’s also worth mentioning that Friday’s security is extremely stringent; “…exceeding industry-leading standards by protecting the confidentiality of data and device authentication based on AES-CCM cryptography and other standards.”

2.  The Desolenator
This guy really is extremely intelligent and has potential to help a lot of people worldwide. The Desolenator provides people with the ability to turn salt or contaminated water into pure drinking water; using the power of the sun alone. Leaving other reverse osmosis systems in its wake when it comes to affordability; this system desalinates water at the lowest cost per litre our of any on the market. No fossil fuels or solar stills in sight!

3. Morpher

Our last pick is for all of our cyclist readers. Introducing your new best friend; the world’s first “fold-flat” helmet! This piece of safety-conscious ingenuity has been “…designed to exceed all relevant safety standards.” so you can go about your healthy commute or casual cycle ride, with the knowledge that you are completely protected. Then you can continue your day without lugging around an awkward, cumbersome helmet! But the Morpher doesn’t stop there, oh no; this guy is manufactured from recyclable materials too! Giving you easy, sustainable safety.

4. iPad Pro

Next on our rewind agenda is the announcement of Apple’s new iMonster…ok that’s not what it’s actually called, but at 12.9” the iPad Pro is packing some seriously monstrous size!

According to a report from 9to5mac the iOS 9.1 device will not only feature a huge screen – with the ability to display two iPad apps side-by-side in portrait – but will also feature huge specs. This display ability alone gives the impression that resolution will be of 3072×2048, or a 3:2 aspect ratio.

Other spec-ulations (sorry) include an A9X system chip, a choice between a 64GB or 128GB versions and models being available in Gold, Silver and Space Grey, as well as a rough US$1000 price mark.

We’re aware these aren’t the most solid of stats, but we will, of course, be keeping you updated when Apple has its big announcement tomorrow (09/09/15)

Last – but by no means least – is a far more solid info leak on the iPhone 6s/ 7! Everyone has been buzzing about Apple’s newest phone for a while now, but today on tech radar () we can see a lot of confirmed stats! Including the news that not only is there potential for a 6s Plus as well as a 6S, but also for a 6C. These apparently all equipped with exciting new features such as Force Touch; allowing customers to interact with their device in new ways, and a longer lasting battery – can we get an amen?

There we have it! A tonne of exciting upcoming developments in the tech world this week. Be sure to check out these great sites too for extra detailed info on all of the stories mentioned today.

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