Reviveaphone Rewind May 2016

Reviveaphone Rewind May 2016

Hello dear readers!!!!

How are you lovely people?! It’s been ages! Ok that’s 100% our fault, but we still missed you!

You may not have missed us, but whether you care or not we are BACK! So without further ado, here’s our favourite stories from recent Tech News!

TopShop Top Pitch
Applications are being accepted now!

TopShop TechShop

Popular high-street clothing brand TopShop has announced their new scheme to help bring designers’ tech-driven clothing ideas to life!!

The company has created a one-month scheme in which budding, tech-savvy fashionistas can develop their brands, improve their strategy and refine the direction of their products to potentially be sold throughout the UK in TopShop stores.

The criteria for this scheme is extremely broad; stating only that the company has teamed up with innovation and startup fund L Marks to help designers bring “tech-driven clothing to your high-street”. This means that designers can really bring any innovative ideas to the scheme without restriction!

Which item of clothing do you think could do with a Tech makeover? Maybe a hoodie that could tell you the weather on the sleeve? Or a coat with a contactless cuff to make shopping and travelling even speedier? Let us know!!

Applications are now open for their four week scheme so if you think you could change the way we wear technology then check it out!


As Technology becomes an increasingly integrated part of our lives, it is also becoming merged with our bodies. From smart patches that can help Doctors monitor heart surgery post-op, to adding a contactless payment chip under your skin (*shudder*).

Now, the latest next step forward comes in the form of almost invisible eye wear; smart contact lenses.

Samsung has publicly disclosed a patent, which states that they will create a contact lens with a mini camera inside the lens. Users of the contact lens can snap photos in the blink of an eye and save it onto their smartphone! The possibilities for budding photographers is endless! The idea of being able to see an amazing shot and then take it in literally the blink of an eye is astounding!

The smart lens consists of a camera, an antenna and sensors that can detect the users’ movements and connect with the external device to process data to a gadget; meaning everything is uploaded to your device instantly for lightning fast reviews of your shot.

Sony, has also got their eye on smart lenses (geddit?)! Recent research and development has gone into a contact lens that allows the user to shoot videos as they see them, and then play them! The lens will be built with an organic electroluminescence display screen that is capable of recording videos straight from the contact lenses.

Smart Lens Technology
Samsung and Sony have been developing smart contact lenses!

The lenses only need to be worn on one eye and can be switched on and off by the user closing their eyelids. Of course, this could seem pretty impractical, what with blinking being a pretty regular occurrence in humans, but the clever devils at Sony have obviously resolved this issue. They are using sensors to be able to detect the length of time an eyelid is closed for, and to distinguish blinks from voluntary movements! Meaning, much like 3D touch in the iPhone 6S, the lenses will know the difference between a quick blink or a long, deliberate eyelid closure.

Sony’s contacts also detect blinking whilst recording video, so that it can erase the black frames that result from it! Meaning that anything you record will be uninterrupted, fluid and – most impressively – shot from your actual eye!!!! James Bond eat your heart out.

The system is also equipped to correct tilted images, get rid of blur and control focus and aperture automatically. So you can be safe in the knowledge that your eye-movies will be of the best possible quality.

Technology developing smart lenses
Technological developments in wearable tech is getting ex-eye-ting!!

If that was incredible enough, users can even play the videos back by switching to display mode with a different eyelid movement set in advance! So you can see your memories appear before your eyes again!

The future really is here ladies and gentlemen!

How do you think these contact lenses will change our society? Would you buy some? What do you think could be potential issues with them? Please let us know in the comments below!!

That’s it for this week’s Rewind. We promise it won’t be as long before the next one! We missed you too much!

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