Top Beauty Tech

Top Beauty Tech

In this day and age everyone is expected to look their best at all times. Pressure to stay polished, preened and presentable at all times is almost mandatory. Also, when you look your best, you feel your best!

But we understand the difficulty of maintaining this with a job, a social life and a family you have to check-in with every now and then. So we’ve done the hard work for you and are bringing you a full list of the best beauty gadgets! These picks will save you time, simplify your beauty routine or make it more efficient! You are welcome.


Skin brush

First up is a beauty essential; exfoliation. We all know the importance of this step in our beauty routines, regardless of skin type. Dry skin needs help gently removing flaky skin, oily skin needs help unclogging pores and uneven skin-tones need help…becoming even. Whilst a topical exfoliant is advised for use most days, every now and then you need a little help removing the day’s muck! If you think about it, dead skin, dirt, pollution, make up, oil, EVERYTHING gets on your skin. A little extra oomph is needed to fully ensure you’ve removed all this debris, and that’s where a skin brush is really handy.

 Our first pick is higher end and comes from Clarisonic. With the cult following this device has received, it’s no surprise that’s it’s made an appearance here. It uses “patented micro-massage” motions to remove impurities from your skin and has the option of various different brush heads to suit your skin type.

However, at £99.90, it’s not exactly budget friendly. It’s definitely effective, but there are cheaper options.

Namely, Olay’s skin brush, which has been reviewed by our (self-appointed) beauty expert Elizabeth. She said:

“I’ve been using the Olay brush for well over a year now and I love it! My skin is so much clearer, smoother and healthier! I’ve received so many compliments about the improvement in its texture and tone too! It’s not as powerful as the Clarisonic, but it’s a brilliant addition to your beauty regimen.”

And at just over £25 it’s definitely more affordable than the Clarisonic!

Available here: Clarisonic


Facial steamer/ sauna

Sticking to the issue of congested skin, it’s extremely important to ensure that you “purge” your pores every now and then. If you’ve noticed dull skin, blocked pores and tired looking skin, treating it to a facial steam or sauna is a really good idea. Not only is it the most natural way to improve your skin and the efficacy of your skin care products, but it’s also great for blocked sinuses and easing headaches.

You may be wondering why you couldn’t just use a bowl of boiling water and a towel. Well firstly, the chances of burning yourself on boiling steam is extremely high, and that’s not advisable. Then there’s the issue of having the water not stay at a constant temperature very time you come up for air. Not to mention the water won’t be filtered and isn’t easily supplemented with essential oils. That’s where a steamer is far and away the best option.

There are two main styles of steamer and both have their benefits. Firstly, there’s the model with a head which sprays the steam 360 degrees. This is good for targeting specific problem areas (like those horrendous under-skin spots that are seriously painful!) and great if you don’t fancy having your whole face steaming at once.

Our pick comes from Hug Flight (weird name, but good reviews). It has the capacity to create steam for about 20-30 minutes, which will have your pores truly opened, your muscles relaxed and your sinuses eased. You can control the temperature and ensure it’s kept at your preferred heat for the entirety of your session.

The second is the classic bowl steamer. This is best for those who can’t be bothered with faffing around and just want to drop their head into a device that’ll do all the hard work for them! This model is by Medisana and comes with an attachment for adding “aroma” or essential oils (lavender for relaxing, tea tree for antibacterial properties and eucalyptus for stuffy noses/ sinuses) and a special attachment for the nose. Yes you might think this looks weird, but if you’re particularly bunged up or really want to battle your blackheads then you’ll be grateful for this!

A quick tip for our beauty advisor:

“A great idea is to use these gadgets to improve the effectiveness of your treatments and/or masks. Try steaming for 20 minutes and then applying a clay mask to clear your pores or a sheet mask to allow the moisture to penetrate deep into the skin! The nose attachment is great for use before using a nose strip too!”

Available here: Hug Flight



Infrared hairdryer

We all know that using heat on your hair causes damage, dryness and breakage, but who has time to walk around air-drying?! Our solution; a hair dryer with infrared technology. This uses far less heat and actually improves your hair’s appearance. Customers report shinier, softer, healthier looking hair that was dried far more quickly than a standard hair dryer.

The only draw-backs are its weight and its price. It will take time to get used to the weight of this device because it’s got more advanced technology inside, but you WILL get used to it! Especially as you won’t be using it for as long. The price on the other hand could be difficult to get used to. We have two option for you and we couldn’t describe either of them as “affordable”.

The first is from José Eber, who specialise in infrared hair products, with straighteners, curlers and a hair treatment gadget. Their unique hair dryer falls in at £99.99…not cheap! But once again; it’s an investment in your hair and it improves the effectiveness of your hair products…it’s also nearly Christmas…just saying!

The second is slightly cheaper, but by no means budget, and from H2D. Their iR Ionic and Infrared Professional Hair Dryer is available for £72.76 on Amazon and comes with a tangle comb (think Tangle Teaser).

This might not seem like much of a bonus, but the design of this brush is actually kinder to your hair. Ever wondered why some brushes are 99p and some are £20? The design of the bristles, flexibility and density can all have a big impact on how you hair is treated. If you’re looking to get healthier hair and growing it out, you don’t want to be causing friction damage and breakage from your brush. So this is actually a pretty great combo!

Available here: José Eber

H2D iR

Electric Toothbrush

The fastest way to look younger, healthier and happier is to have a healthy, glowing smile! Your pearly-whites are one of the most important things to take care of, especially with dental procedures being so expensive and painful! (one of our team members had the horrible experience of having her first filling and first root canal in the same week! The struggle is real). So the best investment you can make is in a decent tooth brush.

We know that brushing your teeth is boring; you’re either in such a rush in the morning that you end up with a 3 second scrub on your front 4 teeth. Or you’re so comfy after a long day at work that you’re not even sure you’ll make it off the couch, let alone to the cold land of the bathroom to brush your teeth!

So the best plan is to make it as easy as possible for yourself. The daddy of all electric toothbrushes is, hands-down, the Oral-B PRO 6000. It packs more tech and is more connected than most people’s mobile phones.

It ensures removal of up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. It has 6 cleaning features including; “Daily Clean” mode plus “Triple Pressure Sensor”, “Gum Care” mode, “Sensitive” mode, “Whitening” mode, “Deep Clean” mode and a wireless “SmartGuide”…that’s a lot of modes!

It has a built in Triple Pressure Sensor, which lights up if you are pressing too hard and its timer indicates when you’ve reached the dentist-recommended brushing time of 2 minutes. If that wasn’t enough, the SmartSeries toothbrush features Bluetooth 4.0 technology, that connects to the Oral-B App and provides real-time guidance to track your results, customise your brushing and provide entertainment. Yes, you read that right; it has an app…to track your progress…

Although for just shy of £100, you’d expect all the smart bells and whistles you could shake a stick at! That being said, the app can create personal brushing programmes, so that you can use your smartphone as a “remote control”, allowing you to customise your toothbrush to your needs…is that not a bit much? There’s even the ability to have your dentist programme your brushing routine…no joke.

It’s certainly thorough, but if you’re not an oral health enthusiast, nor trying desperately to impress your dentist then there’s definitely room to save yourself some money; whilst still getting great results!

For just shy of £35 you can get the Oral B Pro 2000 toothbrush. This still offers a great clean, features a light to indicate when you’re brushing too hard and a timer to notify you of when your 2 minutes are up. Everyone in team Reviveaphone has an Oral B brush and we’re all very pleased with them. Not to mention our smiles are now extra shiny for all our customers!

Available here: Oral B PRO 6000

Oral B Pro 2000

Water filter

Shinier hair, clearer skin, soothed eczema, added volume? Sounds like a dream right? What if all that’s standing between you and these results is your water? Not drinking water – which we all know is incredibly important – but the water you’re showering with. So many things find their way into our water systems, from limescale to chlorine and they all affect how well our beauty products work. You can be splurging on incredible shampoos, but when you’re rinsing with hard water, the final result just won’t be as lustrous! Not to mention, if you suffer from sensitive skin, eczema or dandruff your treatments could be hindered by the extra impurities in your water.

The answer? A simple water filter for your shower! These can come in many forms, from big systems that can be built into your home’s water system, to – far less intimidating and affordable – shower-head attachments.

Our pick is the Aquatiere shower head, which handily comes with a replaceable filter cartridge. You can buy this on its own or combine it with an attachment for the base of your shower for even better results. This head will help to filter and clean the water in your shower and, with the addition of the second filter, will ensure considerably softer water and a notic
eable difference in the condition of your hair and skin.

Both of these attachments are extremely easy to use and affordable. At under £45 for the two, with free delivery on Amazon.

Available here

Facial brush

Exfoliation is essential to great skin care. Whether you have dry skin, acne, oily skin or combination your skin needs help removing the top layer of dirt, debris and dead skin cells. Whilst it’s advised to exfoliate at least 3 times a week with whatever products you may have, it’s also important every now and then to do  a deep clean for you skin with an exfoliating treatment. One of the most popular is microdermabrasion – basically meaning small skin exfoliating – which uses either small crystals or exfoliating beads to help rejuvenate your skin.

Customers report smoother, softer skin with improved texture and glow. Sounds good to us! However, as wonderful as it is to go a salon and have treatments done for you on a massage table with some whale sounds, sometimes it’s just not feasible. With a treatment for your face, neck and chest (from a leading, nationwide company) starting at £133 and then the added issue of finding time to head down to the salon, your best bet is probably getting your own machine.

Don’t be intimidated! These gadgets are very easy to use and come with instructional DVDs. They’re small, affordable (especially considering the price of one-off treatments) and most importantly, they deliver!

One of the most popular models is from PMD. This company has gone to the effort of not only providing you with a “how-to” DVD, but also including a training attachment for the device’s head, without any exfoliating crystals, so you can perfect you technique!

What’s more, at £135 with Amazon Prime delivery, you’ll be able to give yourself multiple treatments, for just £2 more than the price of one!

Available here

Remington Silk Curling wand

With the festive season fast approaching, it won’t be long before you’re being invited to everyone’s mince pie and mulled wine parties, office Christmas dos and Christmas light shindigs (yes we ran out of words for party). But whilst the social scene ups its ante, your work schedule is still as demanding as ever. So anything that can help you look preened to party perfection (alliteration on fleek) is much appreciated.

This is why we’ve included the Remington Silk Curling wand. Fast, fabulous curls or waves can be yours in under 10 minutes. And, once again, it’s been tested in-house:

“Having thick, long hair is great…unless you’re trying to tame it. I love polished curls, especially for events, and it used to be impossible! I spent years using very curling method you could imagine; velcro rollers, foam fingers, heated rollers, barrel curlers, blow drying brushes – the list goes on. But all that would happen is the curls would either come out badly or only last for half an hour! Whilst really damaging my hair in the process. So when I tried Remington Silk Curling wand at a girlfriend’s house I wasn’t expecting much, let alone for each section of hair to curl perfectly in seconds and last for days! Yes, DAYS! The shine from the ceramic coating was brilliant too! I got myself one as soon as I could and have been using it for three years. Just a warning though; this thing gets seriously hot! Use a high quality heat protectant and a heat-proof glove when using it.”

If that didn’t convince you, it’s also only £19.99 and comes with a heat proof case! A gadget that makes your look great, saves you time and doesn’t break the bank? We call that a triple threat.

Available here

Ego Professional, ego therapy cold iron

With cold weather, styling, quick and harsh brushing, towel drying and neglect our hair can be left looking seriously worse for wear. Whilst it’s recommended to have your hair trimmed every few weeks, leave it at least 3 days between washes and stay away from using heat on it as much as possible, who really has the time or patience for that?

If you’re guilty of getting a little lax with your hair care, then this next gadg
et is definitely worth investing in. Ego’s therapy cold iron uses infrared and ultrasound technology to penetrate through the hair cuticle at 36,000 times per second. This increases the production of proteins and natural amino acids; which in turn improves and maintains a healthy head of hair. This tool also smooths down the cuticle as you use it to lock in the conditioning properties and keep hair looking smooth, shiny and flyaway-free.

It’s very easy to use too. Simply use after washing your hair, apple your desired treatment to the device and your hair, and smooth over sections of hair as you would with a hair straightener. This device doesn’t use heat at all, so the results are reached without any heat damage; how great is that?! Once again, this is a device that will maximise the results of your current hair care products, so you won’t have to change a thing! We’re definitely impressed.

Available here

Philips SC2004/11 Lumea IPL Hair Removal System for body with Slide and Flash Mode

Winter is coming (all hail GoT) so we’ll be layering up and covering more of our bodies than we have done in the past few months. So you might think this is an odd time to suggest a hair removal device. Let us explain. Laser hair removal, or IPL is a brilliant way to remove unwanted body hair, by targeting the root of the hair to actually reduce your hair growth. However, this takes time. You have to start with treatments every two weeks and then reduce that as you start to see results. You should see an initial reduction after about 8 weeks, but for a really dramatic difference you’ll need a good few months of use. So right now is the ideal time to get lasering! You can hide regrowth under layers of knitwear and come out all smooth and hair-free in time for summer next year (it’s so far away, but it WILL happen)!

It’s worth noting that this doesn’t work on everyone. Philips has a full list of skin tones, medical conditions and medications that this device wouldn’t be suitable for use with. However, it will work for a large percentage of people and the promise of genuine hair reduction is incredible; especially as it’s painless and pretty quick to do!

There’s no denying this device is pricey, but tott up how much you spend on shaving supplies and/or waxing and then think about the time you have to spend doing all of these so frequently, and it suddenly becomes a pretty smart investment. You do have to shave before use, but over time your hair growth will diminish significantly and you’ll be able to spend more time on other things…like the second job you’ve taken up to afford it.

Available here

Handheld massage gadget

With the colder weather comes hunched shoulders, shivering, colds, frowns and general tension towards the bitter British winter. But we can’t let this beat us. We have to fight back the best way we know how! Relaxation. Muscle tension and strain can cause headaches, interfere with our sleep, cause stress, destroy our posture and harm our mood. That being said, it’s not exactly feasible to pop down to the salon every time you feel a knot coming on; so a more cost-effective, fast and at home solution is needed. Introducing Scholl’s Muscle Therapy Percussion Massager.

This gadget can be used all over your body (apart from your scalp) and can either be used as a hand-held device or with the detachable handle included, for those hard to reach aches and pains. It comes with three interchangeable heads, which each target different issues. The Percussion head is best for a deep tissue massage, with the smooth massaging node working at 900-1200 pulses per minute. The Reflexology attachment is perfect for a more relaxing experience, with rubberised pinpoints leaving you calm and tension-free. Lastly, the Infrared head can be used to soothe sore muscles by heating up to 35-70 degree Celsius. The temperature is adjusted by you for the perfect, tailored experience. School advertises this as being ideal for use “after a hard work out”, but we personally feel this would be great for getting through an intense food coma. But that’s just us.

Available here

So there we have it readers! Everything you need to make yourselves even more beautiful than you already are (barf)! We hope we’ve inspired some gift ideas, personal treats or at least helped you decide on whether or not to buy a device.


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