The Ultimate Christmas List

The Ultimate Christmas List: No budget, ultra lux tech Christmas gift guide

Ever wondered what this time of year would be like if you didn’t have any financial restrictions? We sure have! So we thought we’d indulge our imaginations and child-like curiosity and put together a budget-free Christmas gift guide! Suspend reality for a while, have a read!

That’s one hell of a title! But when you’re part of the lucky one percent, you expect more than the average person.

Everyone loves looking at wild and wonderful creations, designed for the super-rich, so we thought we’d help you indulge with a list of some extremely luxurious tech gift ideas. Or, if you happen to have no price limit for this year’s festive season, then here are a few items to help inspire you on how best to spend that absurdly large wad of cash burning a hole in your designer pocket.

Struggling with what to buy the ultimate bachelor? For the man’s man who seems to have everything his man cave could possibly need, we have the Kool-Rite. A sleek, stainless steel, 6 headed beer dispenser, complete with a 10 inch LCD screen. Perfect for those high-end game days, when he wants to offer a broad selection of the finest draught beers and also to ensure that everyone always has an excellent view of the match!

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Have a high-flying friend who seems to juggle a crazy job, socialite schedule and tailored workouts constantly? Give them the gift of efficiency this Christmas with THE interactive personal training system. This is one special piece of kit! Not only does it connect to the internet, download exercise routines and have the option to personalise your workouts, but it remembers your previous personal best and your preferred weight to lift for each exercise! This at-home gym comes with Leg Press, Unilateral Handgrips and Bilateral Handgrips; excellent, versatile equipment, ready for a range of workouts.

Check it out here

Do you enjoy relaxing to the beautiful sounds of a grand piano? Do you love it even more live, but can’t play it? Then give your household the gift of a self-playing piano from Yamaha. The Yamaha Disklavier Mark IV Digital Piano is the ultimate luxury for lovers of live piano. Not only can you enjoy the stunning sounds of dancing keys without having to bother with actually playing it, but it’s also WIFI enabled! This clever clavier has the ability to download songs from the radio and play them live, even including vocals – should you so wish – using its speakers! To top it all off, your independent instrument can even download and re-create iconic performances, from the likes of Frank Sinatra, to The Beatles. This really is the gift that keeps on giving! And at just shy of $120,000 that’s a good thing too!!

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Need to buy a present for a movie buff, or gamer with ridiculously high standards? How about the television that claims to be “the TV that has no equal”. A very bold statement, but the Vizio 120” Reference Series is 8.3 million pixels of picture perfection. With Dolby Vision, 4k and over 1 billion, yes BILLION possible colours in its high dynamic range, this is more than a TV; it offers the widest range of colour and shading possible in your home! Make every hue and tone mesmerise your loved ones with this luxury present! And such a bargain at $129,999.99!!

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Fancy spoiling someone who is a true gadget geek at heart? Then look no further than the DJI Inspire 1. From the moment you see this guy, you know it’s much more than your average quadcopter, if there is such a thing.

Equipped with more than just breathtaking design, the Inspire 1 has some brilliant engineering. The carbon fibre landing legs automatically fold on take off, the brilliant ‘V’ shape design ensures that you can capture video from all angles, the gimbal is removable and can move your camera almost anywhere – meaning you can now ensure the perfect shot every time! And it’s not just genius on the outside, oh no, this copter is seriously smart. Featuring an improved “home point” function, your unit will always know where you are and be able to return to you; underneath sits a downward facing Optical Flow camera, which uses a stereoscopic ground image, meaning no drifting! Even when you’re flying it inside without GPS! When you add the automatic landing function that kicks in when battery is low, it’s pretty much the complete package! But what if we told you that we haven’t even mentioned the best part yet?…It shoots stunning 4k footage!! We know who’ll be winning “best gift-giver of the year” with this present!

For more info and to get your hands on this amazing piece of tech click here.

Everyone loves bringing the family together on Christmas Day for classic, festive movie time. But with so many more people to cater for, what’s the best way to view it for everyone to see? We’re glad you asked!

The answer is an epic projector of course! Pick a wall, gather your loved ones and show off stunning video quality on a Sony 4K projector. The VPL – VW665ES (not that catchiest name we’ve heard of) packs professional grade specs and features into an at-home projector. With incredible 1800 lumens brightness and spectacular 300,000: 1 contrast ratio, you’re guaranteed to stun your audience! Be the host with the most and treat everyone to four times the resolution of full HD this festive season. Cinematic clarity this christmas could be yours for just shy of $15k…

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The festive season always guarantees one thing: food!! And lots of it. But with so many more mouths to feed, and so much more time spent in the kitchen, how is one to prepare? Well Samsung’s smart-fridge could be the answer you’re looking for!

Yes, yes we’re writing about a fridge…but it’s not just any fridge, oh no, it’s a four door, Wi-Fi
enabled, music playing über fridge!

It has an integrated LCD touchscreen, which can link to Samsung Galaxy and S3 and mirror your device, as well as being able to broadcast from your TV (if your TV is capable of transmitting to external devices). While this might seem slightly obsolete, it could revolutionise cook-along shows in your home! Imagine creating step-by-step dishes, with all the information coming from your fridge itself! Not to mention this fridge even has the ability (and added convenience) of being able to make and receive calls! No more trying to dial with your elbows halfway through a bake!

Not to mention the available storage is immense. 28 cu.ft worth of Christmas dinner storage! As well as Twin Cooling Plus, which helps maintain a constant temperature for your goods, and even adjustable temperatures for different areas of the fridge! So you can keep your cheeses or fruit and veg at your ideal temperature, whilst the rest of your stock stays at another chosen temperature. Genius!

For more info on this pretty awesome bit of kit click here.

From food to wine now with our next pick. Anyone who appreciates a truly excellent wine will know the importance of consuming it before it has a chance to oxidise, making it impossible to simply try a glass of wine without having to consume the entire bottle. This might not be too much of a problem for some people, but a great deal of excellent vino is getting wasted! Enter Coravin’s wine access system. An incredible feat of engineering which enables you to enter a bottle of wine, through the cork, pour a glass of wine and then reseal the cork as you
remove the device! Your wine is unspoilt and un-oxidised, while you’re enjoying just as much, or as little, wine as you like! The perfect gift for wine connoisseurs this Christmas! Or even just a handy gadget for your own home!

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Gadgets are some of the top Christmas presents on people’s lists everywhere! So for that fashionista who relies on their devices being as powerful as they are, Everpurse is the perfect gift! Not only does this Kickstarter funded startup create really beautifully styled accessories, each one is fitted with charging abilities too! The secret to their charging feature is a special docking system in the Everpurse’s dedicated charging pocket.

These stylish life-savers have the enough power to charge your devices from 0% to 100% twice over! The purse itself is charged on its own charging mat and, once fully charged, can last for a week! Surely this is a necessity for the pretty and powerful ones in your life? Especially as they’ve now collaborated with Kate Spade, so more beautiful designs are available direct from Kate Spade stores soon!

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For our final pick we have a real treat, you could say we’ve saved the best for last. Whilst the rest of the items of this list are all excellent and would make fantastic gifts, none of them quite top the Martin Aircraft. Your eyes do not deceive you, this is indeed a personal jetpack!!!!

Yes, as of now you can put your name on the pre-order list for your own jetpack. These are state of the art pieces of kit that have actually been contracted by emergency services, so have really stringent safety checks and high standards. Can you
imagine the look on your loved one’s face when you present to them the confirmation that their jetpack pre-order has been secured?! Priceless right?! Well not quite; the company require a refundable $5,000 deposit and then $150,000 for the final result. But seriously…a jetpack?! Oh, you’ll have to keep them waiting until the aircraft is ready for distribution in 2017 though…but in order to secure a place on the list you need to pre-order as soon as possible. Maybe this could be really, really organised gift buying?

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