Top Tech Gifts For Every Occasion

It’s hit October and suddenly there are advent calendars and stockings popping up in shops and restaurants urging people to book their Christmas parties or dinners. Whether you’re a seasonal Scrooge or a festive fan-girl, surely it’s is too early for Santa-talk?!

However, we do appreciate that being prepared is the first step on the road to success so we’ve decided to help your gift-hunting with a helpful guide on what to buy the special people in your life. We haven’t focused this list on Christmas – obviously not everyone celebrates Christmas and we still believe it’s far too early – instead we have tried an all-encompassing approach. Enjoy!


For the Poser

Everyone knows one; they like to make a statement (normally “look how cool I am”) with everything they do. From the latest workout gear, to state of the art hi-fi systems, they like to show off. And that’s why we love ‘em! So help them on their journey to narcissistic greatness with the WalkCar.

Similar to the “hover boards” (they’re not hover boards because they have wheels dammit!) that have been all over social media lately, the WalkCar ensures that their owner no longer has to face the peasant-struggle of…walking.

The above video shows just how light and portable the WalkCar is and how it’s actually pretty strong. The aluminium powerhouse can easily take on hills and excess weight, not to mention it’s really easy to stop if you see a collision happening; just jump off!

What’s more, its wide design means that it’s much easier to ride. Unlike the segway-style competitors, this could be a real help for the older generation or anyone with difficulty balancing. Not to mention, it’s just pretty cool! Your poser friends will love it!

The big issue however, is that it’s not due to ship until 2016…maybe you could get your friend an I.O.U. for now?

Click here for more info

To win the “coolest relative” award

Want to be that Uncle that your Nieces/ Nephews never stop talking about? Or the Aunt who has their gift-game on point? (we’re not sure what that means, but we’re assured it’s what the kids are saying). Then look no further then PYRO. Designed magician Adam Wilber, you can now own your own fire ball-shooting gadget!!

The aptly named Pyro is worn on the wrist like watch and can shoot four fireballs, one from each of the four barrels, about 10 feet before needing to a flash paper reload. PYRO is controlled with a remote switch, which can be used from up to 30 feet away, and hides discreetly under your sleeve.

Understandably, the gadget is currently sold out, but if you have $174 you can secure one when the new stock arrives December 17th! (just in time for Saturnalia!)

Here’s an epic video, just in case the words “fire ball-shooting gadget” didn’t already have you sold.

Read more here

For your friend’s raw vegan, paleo, gluten free, low sodium housewarming gift

 Stuck for ideas for your incredibly health conscious, high maintenance friend? This easy to use nut butter maker is perfect! You might think this is a bit redundant as it’s very easy to buy peanut butter, but to buy some when you have very, VERY specific dietary requirements is not so easy; not to mention really quite expensive.

With this device you can make all kinds of nut butter creations! (please contain your excitement). From Cashews, Almonds and Hazelnuts, to Macadamia Nuts, Sunflower seeds and more! The possibilities really are endless once you’ve created your desired butter too. Peanut butter cookies, sandwiches, crunchy butter, smooth, in smoothies, in sauces, with jam…we can actually understand the excitement.

(Warning: may contain nuts)

For more info and a ‘How To’ video, please click here

For your incapable friend’s housewarming

On the opposite end of the scale, there’s always that one person who seems to flail through life like Bambi on ice. Adorable, loveable and totally inept. For this friend every little bit of help can make a huge difference. So help them on the road to independence with a one-touch jar opener.

It’s not the most exciting gadget we’ve ever written about, but think about it; this could quite literally be the difference between your friend living happily and dying with an unopened jam jar in their hands. You’re basically saving their lives. You’re a real-life hero.

Not to mention, if you pair it with a one-touch can opener then you may well have set your friend up for life.

Click here for details

For your less mature loved ones

In the game of Airzooka you win, or you get a face-full of air and never live it down.

Whether you need a gift for your 8 year old cousin, or your co-worker with an 8 year old mental-age, the Airzooka is so much fun for the less-mature among us (we definitely fall within this category). Buy one and arm your friend with the least conspicuous weapon ever, or buy a pair and battle for glory!

Complete with a built-in laser and a 50ft reach, this edition of the Airzooka is pretty spectacular and sure to impress!

Click here for more info

For the geek you love

It’s England, it’s Winter, it’s raining. Somewhere in an active imagination there is a far off planet with an alien beach and all the Clingon you could need. Yes, life is sometimes tough for Sci-Fi geeks, so give them a piece of their other worlds to carry with them always, like this – spectacular – Light sabre umbrella.

Not the most subtle of gifts, but with great attention to detail and different models for your favourite characters, you’re sure to win friendship points with the geek in your life! Not to mention, at only £24.99 great deal you get (Yoda voice).

Buy here

For someone special…or yourself

Our next pick is very special. Introducing Navdy; the dashboard hero that make
s you feel like you’re driving in the
future. In its essence, Navdy is a safety feature; it projects information on your phone to its transparent display, as if it’s floating 6ft in front of you. This ensures your eyes stay on the road, uninterrupted and that you can stay completely focused during your drive.

However, Navdy goes one step further and is packed full of awesome features! Featuring touchless gesture technology to quickly and easily accept or decline calls, voice recognition to ask Navdy to “compose new Tweet”, “call Jane” or “write new message” with minimal effort.

What’s more, it’s totally customisable. Add notifications from your favourite apps, have them read to you or disable ones you no longer need. Brilliant!

This really is an amazing bit of tech and we wouldn’t blame you if you just bought it for yourself! After all, you’re pretty awesome.

Click here for more information and to pre-order

So there it is! A pretty thorough list of great gadgets for a multitude of occasions! We hope you found something new and that we gave you a little inspiration. Let us know your thoughts and your personal favourite tech finds in the comments below!


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