Top Tech Picks For Father’s Day

Top tech gifts for Father’s Day

As I’m sure you’re aware Father’s day is just around the corner and if you’re still yet to pick him out the perfect gift, we’re here to help. Here are our top gadget gifts that any tech-head dad will love!

1. Most Dads are just big kids at heart, and what kid doesn’t love remote control gizmos? Take it one step further with the M:TECH 4 AXIS AEROCRAFT. This really is the next step for remote control gadgets as not only can it fly and crawl pretty much anywhere, but its roll cage design means that it can even roam up walls! And at under £40 it’s perfect for a mid-range budget.



2. Even more budget friendly is this simple, but personal, BBQ branding iron, which any Barbecue boss will be sure to appreciate! With 52 letters and 8 blanks you can totally customise the iron’s message to suit any occasion or meal. And with Summer already here, it’ll be sure to see some use in the (hopefully) sunny days to come!

3. Who among us hasn’t wondered what it would like to be a spy? James Bond style action, undercover missions and of course, top secret gadgets! If your Dad has had the same daydreams as us then he’s sure to love his own spy camera pen! Small enough to fit in your pocket, this pen uses a hidden camera to secretly record your surroundings and supports an 8GB micro SD card (not included), giving any aspiring Bond plenty of room to store their undercover missions. And with it only at around £15 we were pretty impressed with its affordability too!

4. If your budget can stretch a bit further then we have a real treat in store. Have your Dad catered to like royalty with his very own…ROBOT! MIP is a self-balancing Robot friend complete with an “immersive personality” and is available in either black or white. He uses Gesture Sense technology so can be controlled by hand movements or simply download the app to control him from your android or iOS device. He can dance, perform tricks, follow a set route and even balance a tray! Sure to be loved by any Dad this father’s day.

5. Fancy transporting your Dad this father’s day to anywhere he chooses…without paying hefty travel bills? Look no further than this virtual reality headset! Complete with 360° head tracking, an ultra wide field of vision and the ability to play virtual games and watch 3D movies this headset really does have it all! With a tonne of free content to use it with and its compatibility with most android and iOS devices makes it an extremely versatile gadget gift that will keep giving this father’s day!

6. Does your Dad love the movies or appreciate a good cinematic experience? Then what better gadget gift than a smartphone projector? At a fraction of the price of standard projectors and needing only a flat surface to project onto, this gift is as versatile as they come! Its design is easily collapsable too so it can go anywhere you Dad needs it to!

7. Every Dad doubles up as a handy-man every now and then, it’s an unwritten rule. So help him live up to his inner scout with the “Wallet Ninja”. This 18-in-1 multi-tool is no bigger than a credit card so can easily slip into any wallet, whilst including everything from a letter opener to a screw driver! It’s also forged of 4x heat treated steel so is durable to say the least! He’ll always be prepared with this little guy ready and waiting to be wielded whenever his skills are needed.

8. Does your Dad fancy himself a Barista? If his true love is a good cup of coffee, help him to have one whenever he wants with the Cafflano Klassico. This all-in-one coffee maker looks like a stylish travel mug, but in reality it’s so much more! Complete with all the coffee making apparatus you need; grinder, filter, dripper and tumbler, the Cafflano Klassico can take the coffee fanatic in your life from bean to brew in minutes! The steps are simple; his favourite brand of beans are stored in the top then, whenever he’s ready for a cup he just tips them into the grinder and uses the fold out handle to grind to whatever finish he likes! Finally the coffee lands in the filter below, ready to be steeped in boiling water. It doesn’t even rely on electricity! We’re pretty impressed and we’re sure your coffee loving Dad will too.

9. Want to combine hands on skill, his love for gadgets and keep him entertained for hours? What better gift for this Father’s day than the world’s first remote controlled paper aeroplane? Needing only one 10 minute charge for 20 minutes of flight, this nifty gadget is controlled by the tilting of a smartphone and with the motorised frame’s 180 feet/ 55 meter range and crash­-resistant design it’s no wonder it smashed its Kickstarter campaign! We’re sure this guy will have your Dad turning into a kid again in no time. You can even get 15% off with the code ‘Fathers Day’, pretty win-win we think!

10. Last but not least, if your Dad has a passion for golf that you want to fuel this father’s day then the Zepp Golf sensor will be sure to bring him joy! This high-tech device captures the wearer’s swing from all angles in 3D and then measures and analyses the swing; recording 1,000 data points per second! Fitting perfectly to any glove and with its super light-weight design it’s almost enough to make you want to give golf a try!…almost. He’ll be swinging like a pro in no time, and you’ll be to thank!

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration, regardless of budget, to treat your Dad to a great gift this Father’s Day. Just in case you’d forgotten it’s Sunday, June 21st, so get shopping!

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