A Comparison Of Mobile Phone Repair Companies

There are hundreds of mobile phone repair companies out there. With an estimated 25,000 screens damaged every day, there is growing demand for quick and easy device repair.

Repair companies come in various shapes and sizes. Some have a high street presence and offer a walk-in service. Whilst others offer mail-in repairs where you post your phone off and wait for it to be returned to you. There are also lots of individuals, often seen advertising on sites such as Facebook, who will repair your phone if you drop it round to them or sometimes they will come to you.

Mobile phone repair companies

Thankfully, there’s WeFix. The UK’s only manufacturer approved mobile phone and tablet repair service that comes to you.

There are pros and cons to all of these services. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of them all:

High Street Repair Shops


  • Convenient location
  • Might be a national, trusted brand
  • You get to speak face to face
  • Same day repair might be possible


  • Costs are normally high – business owners need to cover the cost of rent, staff, rates, utilities etc
  • Parking near the high street is expensive and can be difficult on busy days
  • Time wasted going to the shop
  • Time wasted either waiting for the repair to be done, or having to go away and come back when it is ready
  • Most smaller mobile repair shops don’t have any accreditation nor do they use branded parts
  • Leaving your phone or tablet with a shop effectively means handing your data over to someone you’ve never met before

Mail In Repair Companies


  • Often cheap
  • Some offer a fast, 24/48 hour turnaround
  • More brands are supported


  • Turnaround often unreliable, many customers end up waiting weeks for phones to be repaired due to stock issues, postal problems, condition arguments etc
  • Notorious “up sell”. Many reviews online report companies using pressure tactics to get customers to repair parts that may not actually be broken
  • Your phone or tablet is away for days or weeks and your data is potentially vulnerable and in the hands of a third party
  • Postal problems. At Christmas alone, a reported 12 million parcels went missing in 2017! The Daily Mail reported that 500,000 letters a week go missing with the Royal Mail

Small Individual Repairers


  • Can be cheap due to low overheads
  • Can be a fast turnaround if they’ve got the parts and if they aren’t too busy


  • Often not insured, so if things don’t go to plan there could be problems
  • Unlikely to be professionally trained, so often learning on the job
  • Turnaround will be dependant on getting parts
  • Trusting your data with an individual you’ve never met before
  • If they come to you, do you really want a stranger sat in your kitchen working on your phone?


WeFix Van



  • WeFix haven’t quite got full UK coverage, but we are getting closer by the day
  • We might not be the cheapest, but we offer a unique and exceptional service that our customers love – we are rated 5 star on Trustpilot

So what are you waiting for? Book your repair with WeFix today!

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