Glass or LCD Repair For iPads and iPhones? Our Brief Guide To What’s What

Do I Need Just The Glass Replaced on my iPhone / iPad?

The glass covers the front of the device – it’s what you physically touch when using it. When the glass is cracked it’s pretty obvious, mainly because it looks like what it is – a cracked piece of glass.

Do I Need Just The Glass Replaced on my iPhone / iPad?

If the iPad or tablet is still functioning as it should and whatever’s on the screen looks right (apart from any distortion caused by the spider-web of cracks) then it’s just a glass replacement you need. If that’s the case, you’re in luck because replacing the glass is much cheaper than getting the LCD changed.

When Does The LCD Need Replacing on an iPad or iPhone?

It’s pretty obvious when the LCD has had it. The main feature of LCD damage is bleeding colours. The picture on the screen won’t be clean and crisp. Colours will appear smudged, looking as though they’re pouring from one part of the screen to another, creating something that looks like a rainbow.
iPad LCD screen needs replacing

Most of the time if the LCD has been damaged, the device won’t be useable due to the fact you can’t see what’s on the screen. What’s more, when the LCD is broken it’s more than likely the glass will be broken too. The LCD itself is expensive, however a WeFix repair will cost a lot less than buying a new device.

If the device is working, chances are it’s just the glass that needs to be replaced but if the functionality is compromised and those colours are smudgy it’s time for a new LCD.

The Mysterious (Expensive) Case of The iPad-Air 2

With the iPad Air 2 a damaged screen is double-trouble because the glass and the LCD are a combined unit and can’t be purchased or replaced separately. This makes an iPad Air 2 repair pretty pricey, so people with an iPad Air 2 should be careful with what they get up to!

iPad Air 2

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