You’re Having Charging Problems I Feel Bad For You Son, You Have 1 of 3 Problems, The Battery Could be One.

If your mobile keeps shutting down randomly … It struggles to keep power … It cannot charge.  There are a few things that could be causing your issue.

Check out the 3 most common causes below.

1. Charging Port Broken

iPhone charging problems - is it the port?

This is the port at the bottom of the device and could be the key to your iPhone charging problems. Sometimes the connections in the port can get damaged through general use or charging with a non genuine lead. However, it can just be a collection of dust or fluff that’s causing your charging problem. A clear indicators would be having to bend or wiggle the cable to get the device to start charging or having difficulty connecting the cable. To rectify the problem, start with a good (but gentle) clean of charging port. If that fails, then it’s time to replace the port.

 2. Battery Needs Replacing

Replacement iPhone battery

The device charges but the battery drains extremely quickly from little use. The battery may hold no charge regardless of being plugged in. These symptoms will normally occur slowly over a few months and would suggest the battery needs replacing – but don’t worry, WeFix can help!

 3. U2 Chip

iPhone U2 chip

Unfortunately, this is where it gets tricky, the symptoms of the U2 chip breaking is very similar to the battery going. One thing we have found is that when battery life becomes poorer due to the U2 chips it occurs suddenly. But the only real way of checking is getting the battery replaced and if this doesn’t sort the issue it is more then likely the U2 Chip.

If you are experiencing iPhone charging problems then why not contact the team at WeFix? Our team of experienced engineers will come to your home or work address to fix a wide variety of problems regularly associated with iPhones and iPads.

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