How To Make More Money Selling Your iPhone

 Selling Your iPhone to make cash

 1. Aesthetics – What does your phone look like?

We all like to think we are not vein but let’s face it to some degree we all are. People would prefer to buy a phone with a pretty face and body, not one with battle scars and dings.

So if your phone looks like it is been through the wars, when it comes to selling your iPhone just expect to make less or see if you could do some refurbishments.

You can buy most of the parts off the web and there are plenty of guides of how to replace screens and housing.

If you suck at DIY then see how much it would cost a professional to do it. Needless to say, the WeFix team can always help.

It is all about costing how much you spend on the refurb versus how much extra you are going to make.


But sometimes it is definitely worth it.

Anecdote from a member of the WeFix team – “ I had an old iPhone 4 white, it had light scratching all over including the metal bumper, it would of gone for a maximum of £40 if I was lucky. I ended up replacing the screen, bumper and housing, it cost me about £25, it looked brand new, I sold in for £90”.

So in this case the refurb meant an extra £25.

If you have got it refurbished tell people when it comes to selling your iPhone, you will make more.


2. Hardware- Battery life limited? Headphone jack not working?


If this is the case again expect to make less, people will still buy your phone, as they may want to replace the broken parts or strip it for parts

Never think your iPhone is not worth anything just because something on it has stopped working.


Again you could get it fixed (either DIY or professional service) and then sell it. Just do a bit of simple maths to work out if getting parts changed is worth it.


Again when it comes to selling your iPhone tell them you have put a brand new battery in etc.


3. Photos – Selling your iPhone on eBay or other auction site 

– Take the time to take good pictures, use a good camera, make sure the pictures are in focus, use good lighting and we do not want to see you in the reflection.

– Show that the screen and body of the phone is in good condition

– Show multiple angles

– Show what comes with the auction

– Make sure your phone is clean (obvious), no finger marks etc.



4. Have all the original components from when you bought it.

– This includes the original box

– Charger and USB cable

-Original headphones

– Instructions and other paper work

Why this makes people pay more, I do not know but it just does.


5. Unlock it!

– If you got the phone via contract and that contract has now expired, contact your provider and ask them to unlock it.

– Do not let them say you cannot, you have paid for that phone.

-If you are still under contract you may have to pay a vendor to unlock it, but make sure you trust them.

– You will make more money for an unlocked mobile, as it gives the buyer more options on choosing a provider.



– Look around and see what the phone is selling for and then make a judgment how much YOU want.

-Do a factory reset – restore the phone to its original settings, this wipes your data; you do not want people getting your details.

– Take care of your device when you first get them, put them in a case and screen protector.

– Keep the phone clean and wipe now and then keeps them from going grubby.

– Remember fees of auction sites (normally 10%) and transaction fees (3%), put them into your costing.



Welcome to the high life with all that extra cash


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