Touch Disease – What You Need To Know

touch disease iphone 6

A common problem now amongst iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users is the screen freezing and becoming unresponsive to touch. It is known as “touch disease”, it sounds scary and it is.

The disease affects a fraction of devices but with there being so many iPhones out there it could be affecting thousands of users.

So What Are The Tell-tale Signs Your iPhone Has Caught Touch Disease?

1. Flickering grey bar at the top of the phone screen.

2. Soon after the grey bar the screen becomes completely unresponsive to touch

The theory is the disease is linked to the “bendgate” situation, whereby the phones were bending under moderate pressure. It is believed the cause is the logic board bending at times when the phone is taken out of a pocket or put strenuously in a case. This displaces a chip, which controls the touchscreen.

Touch disease is most commonly found in iPhone 6 Plus devices but can also be found in the 6, 6s and 6s Plus.

So what can you do?

1. You are in warranty.

Go to the Apple Store and you get a new one, YAY!

2. Apple repair programme

You can take your device to Apple and they will repair it for £146.44. Bare in mind, the device cannot have any cracks or visual damage to the screen. The programme will run 5 years from the initial date of which the iPhone 6  and iPhone 6 Plus went on sale.

3. Get the repair done by a third-party repair shop.

It could save you a few quid. The repair requires very skilled soldering and precision, so do some research on a repair shop before using them.

Key Points

1. If you have a grey bar at the top of the screen and your screen is unresponsive you probably have touch disease.

2. If your screen is cracked and shows a similar grey bar, a screen replacement will not resolve the issue.

3. Take it to apple and see if you are still in warranty. If not you can pay to be part of the repair programme

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