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We’ve all been in situations when you’re desperately trying to organise a group of people and it’s becoming near-on impossible to communicate everything, find a time when everyone is free and keep everyone updated.

Now Facebook is giving you the option to order an Uber directly from Facebook messenger, with their new Transport option. So when you’ve finally come to a decision with your unruly gaggle of friends, you can seize the moment immediately! Just select the address you want to travel from and to, and notify everyone.

Uber driver

What’s more, your Uber will even send updates on your car directly to the message group; so everyone can see how far away it is and no longer give the excuse, “You said 5 minutes” or, “You didn’t tell me you were leaving. Genius!

This will no doubt be extremely handy throughout the party season! Naturally, The social media giant is just testing the idea for now so it is only available in certain parts of the US. However, they have stated that for a limited time your first journey will be free! It’s only to a value of $20, but every little helps!

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