E-SIMs Are Coming And They’re Looking To Be Seriously Handy!

How could e-SIMs change smartphones for the better?

News has it that tech giants Apple and Samsung are in communication with major network providers to bring electronic SIM cards to our future smartphones.

This development means we could see the companies join forces in the mobile industry using e-SIM technology in their products. Which basically means that customers have the power to switch phones and providers without requesting a new SIM. A step that many of us know can be a drawn-out hassle, that can sometimes cost you!

So without further ado, we thought we’d introduce you to this exciting bit of technology!

The name ‘e-SIM’ refers to new technology being promoted by the GSMA – the body that represents network operators the world over.

It comes in the form of an embedded SIM which doesn’t need to leave the device and can be adopted by the electronics industry in other connected items.  The SIM’s information will be able to used or adapted by all operators, which means you can change operator with an easy phone call! You won’t need a new SIM, there shouldn’t be any delay when you switch and you won’t need to take your phone apart either!

All in all, you’ll have much more freedom. You can upgrade PAYG to a plan with ease, switch operator without having to go in-store or wait for a delivery and even upgrade devices more easily; because all you need to do is register a new device to your e-SIM! And you can upgrade from a 3G plan to a 4G one really simply too!

The only downside is that you won’t be able to get your hands on this piece of tech for at least another year as technical specifications are yet to be finalised.

This is still seriously handy tech and we’re pretty impressed! What do you think?

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