Ibuprofen Skin Patch Created For Direct Pain Relief

The standard Ibuprofen tablets and gels could be a thing of the past thanks to Warwick University’s new, topical adaption of the medicine. The NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) is very commonly used for pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. The difference with a topical patch however, would be direct pain relief. 


The patch has been specifically designed to ensure maximum delivery of Ibuprofen, whilst also being lightweight and adhesive. It has been formulated out of a specially developed polymer matrix, this is sticky enough to stay put on the skin, whilst delivering a high drug content. Then, for up to 12 hours, the patch provides a high dosage of the pain killer, but at a steady rate and only to the area that requires it. This greatly reduces the risks that come with taking high doses of the drug orally – such as heart conditions and strokes – and could be revolutionary for people treating chronic pain.

Whilst Ibuprofen topical gels do already exist, there’s no way to control the correct dosage for long periods of time. This patch will be a much more accurate and efficient way of offering pain relief, without the drawbacks!

Well done Warwick!

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