LG has released the G4s little brother

LG has released the G4s little brother…

…and its pretty impressive

New smaller G4c gives customers more choice and a great choice for a smaller budget.


LG releases its new device in the form of the 5” LG G4c. This dialled down version of the previously released flagship phone, the G4, is aiming to bring the brilliant features of its big brother, but at a smaller price.

The tech giant has decreased the specs from a hexa-core processor to quad-core, whilst maintaining performance levels apparently. They’ve brought the camera from an 8-megapixel front-facing camera and a 16-megapixel rear, to  5 and 8-megapixel ones. However, the front camera’s high-quality, wide-angle lens and the rear camera’s sharp lens really make up for the lack of pixels.

The trend of downsizing continues in the G4c’s specs, but LG assures us that despite this, they have kept the standard of its features high. Ensuring they key attractive features of the G4, such as the great screen, solid performance, good camera and a large battery. So the device is still a great piece of high-spec tech, but at a smaller price.

Furthermore, the screen, which is still pretty large, is easier to get your hands around, thanks to the clever arrangement of the buttons (situated on the back of the phone for the more delicate-handed of us).

The LG G4c is available in store from today

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