New Robot Will Keep Your Supermarket’s Shelves Stocked

Trawling around Tescos isn’t the most entertaining of chores, but it’s made even worse when the item you braved the busy aisles for isn’t even in stock! Hopefully, this little bot is here to change all that.


Brought to you by Simbe Robotics, this Robot is called Tally. It can scan the Supermarket shelves and notify employees if a product is low in stock or in the wrong area. Tally can even work regular hours, so it can be as helpful as possible consistently!


What’s more, the little guy comes with a dock charger, so it can be topped up whenever it’s needed.

Tally is still in testing phases in America, but when he does get here, we’re sure he’ll keep our supermarkets in tip-top shape! And maybe even entertain the kids?


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