The Next Ford GT is to have a Gorilla Glass Windscreen


We’re sure you’ve all heard of the wonderful creation that is Gorilla Glass. The essentially unbreakable glass is used regularly for smartphones and devices to greatly increase longevity, and boy does it work!



The glass is created by well known manufacturer Corning, who have now signed a rather exciting deal with car giant Ford. This collaboration could bring us some of the safest cars we’ve ever seen, as Corning are creating the windscreens for the new Ford GT’s out of their famous glass! Not only are they providing the front of the car with incredible safety, they are staying true to the car’s beautiful design and replacing its glass engine cover with Gorilla Glass too.


The Next Ford GT is to have a Gorilla Glass Windscreen

Corning promises that the new windscreen will be thinner, lighter and stronger than anything we’ve seen before. Naturally, this is music to any car manufacturer’s ears! Less weight means higher efficiency and an increased power to weight ratio, which could essentially improve the Ford GT further, with no apparent downsides.

What’s more, Corning wanted to prove that their new windscreens can stand strong against anything that is thrown at it…literally.


Clearly, Corning have done an incredible job and, whilst the Gorilla Glass hybrid windscreen will only be available on the pricier Ford models for now, if the partnership is successful, it could be rolled out to the cheaper models.

What do you guys think? Would you replace your windscreen for this one? And would you consider spending more in order to have one on your future vehicles?

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