Twitter Brings ‘Moments’ To The UK!

Today Twitter launched ‘Moments’ in the UK, giving selected British media and Twitter staff the chance to accumulate posts that give insightful information on big events in the News, for more comprehensive reflection and reporting. Twitter moments

The Social media platform brought the feature to the US in October and then expanded to Brazil a month later after its

Twitter has hand-picked a team tasked with assembling the posts, made up of ex-journalists, to ensure the best, in-depth coverage is reported. They’ve also said they are using Social media News tools such as Dataminr, so we can expect a really broad, but efficient way of staying up to date.

In-keeping with their US model, Twitter have selected certain members British Media to add to the Moments content. They claim to have chosen particularly “British” Media outlets, to insure relevant, local stories. These include Have I Got News for You, Premier League, Glamour magazine, The Sun, Sugarscape, VICE, The Economist, the Met Office, Popjustice, Global Radio, Vevo, BT Sport, Food Network, Sky News,  Empire, Sky Sports, STV and Buzzfeed UK.

This feature has some potentially very exciting prospects, such as uniting people over Terrorist attacks, showing a range of opinions and events surrounding Political News stories and much more.

However, not everyone is a fan. A fact that was made abundantly clear when Twitter switched the new feature with the Notifications tab. See below.




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