Volvo gave a four year old full control of their latest truck…

Volvo won awesome PR stunt of the year award (at least in the Reviveaphone Awards) with their latest video.

To demonstrate just how tough their latest FMX truck is, Volvo put its safety in the hands of a four year old. As you would expect, chaos ensued. Sophie, the luckiest four year old in the world, was given a specially created remote control and instructed to guide the truck through an assault course of swinging boxes, hills, pits and…houses.

Whilst Sophie seemed pretty pro at controlling the multi-tonne monster, she did get temporarily distracted by a filming drone and manage to roll the vehicle into a pit.

Obviously, the entire experiment was created as a PR stunt for the company, but not only did Volvo manage to make one four year old girl the coolest toddler ever, they also successfully impressed us with just how tough the new FMX truck is. Despite literally being driven through a house, the truck was still drivable!

It probably goes without saying, but please do not try this at home…or anywhere for that matter.


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