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The weirdest gadgets around

There are a ridiculous number of weird and wonderful inventions in this world of ours. Some bring us joy and make our lives easier and some just make good punchlines. We’ve combed through a few of these lapses in judgement to bring you a list of the very best, and worst, ridiculous tech. We’ve arranged them from 10 “it’s so ridiculous and I need it”, to 1, “how did this get into production?”.

10. At number 10 on the stupid-omiter is Belty. With Christmas, Thanks Giving (for our American buddies) and general extreme-eating season fast approaches, we’re all guilty of over-indulging. Here at Reviveaphone, it’s definitely acceptable (nay, advisable) to wear suitable attire for such extreme eating. The last thing you need is a body con dress or your tightest Christmas suit while you’re trying to force down “one wafer thin mint”. So when we saw Belty, the self-adjusting belt-buckle, we had to stop for a minute and appreciate the in-genius. 

Whilst Belty is able to measure your steps, Bluetooth data to your phone – to help act like a virtual fitness coach -, vibrate when you’ve been stationary for too long and monitor changes in your waist measurement; the real show stopper is its motorised ability to adjust for your comfort! No more fiddling with belt buckles when changing from sitting to standing, or feel the tight pinch of shame after a particularly mammoth eating session; just comfort! Yes please.

True, it’s not the most attractive of accessories, but it’s what’s on the side that counts…right?

For more info click here

9. Choosing between this gadget and Belty for the title of “it’s so ridiculous I need it” was seriously tough. Let us explain why. This device looks seriously, seriously cool. It’s called The Ring and it takes all of the strenuous, basicness out of controlling your house’s devices. You slip it on and can control all sorts of compatible devices; from your smartphone, your smart home appliances, Google Glass, smartwatch and more with gesture controls. Use the preset gestures or, as the company puts it, “Create your own gestures and become the Ring master!”

Now this all looks awesome with slick camera angles, charisma and some pretty cool dance moves…but when you actually think about the real, unedited, uncoordinated world, this would probably make you look like a prize goon. But that does fill the role of “this is ridiculous…and I need it”.


For more info, click here

8. This next pick is…odd. Imagine you could control the way you feel and when you feel it. Tired? Feel energised. Anxious? Feel calm. Feel distracted? Get focused. That’s the dream right? Well now you don’t need to imagine. Introducing Thync; the wearable for your mood.

This device is simply applied to your temple and neck and connects via bluetooth to its app on your phone.thync_vibes From here you can monitor and tailor your session.

Depending on which result you choose, the device gets to work on making you feeling calm, energised, focused or motivated; and you can control the intensity of the session too. Allowing you to be totally in charge of how relaxed or motivated you feel by the end.

You might be thinking that this is either too good to be true or a perfect example of the placebo effect, but don’t judge this just yet!

First, let us explain the science. Thync uses neurosignaling to activate specific cranial nerves to bring you to a state of calm or give you a boost of energy, fast. Neurosignaling waves or (as the company names them) ‘Vibes’, consist of “…precise algorithms that adjust the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, so that you can enjoy a shift into a more energetic or relaxed state.”

Whilst this does sound like something from a sci-fi film, the device is very much real and in use. Reviews from sites such as and  really help explain the experience that Thync will bring you. This device is really like nothing else, so it’s understandable to be wary. However, we would urge you to have a look at the website and hear the testimonials because that’s the best way to really get your head around it!

As crazy and Terminator as this gadget may seem, it’s pretty brilliant and we can’t wait to try it!

For more information or to purchase, click here

7. In at number seven is one of those gadgets that you know sounds crazy…but really want.

Everyone loves portable, wireless speakers; they’re great for listening to music in your room, bringing along to a party, or taking music with you at a BBQ etc. But what if they were gravity defying too? Obviously this isn’t a feature that people currently crave from their speakers, but now that we’ve said it…you kind of want it right?

Allow us to introduce Mars; the appropriately named wireless speaker which doubles as a flying saucer. Yes, this sounds like a massive gimmick. BUT it’s not…honest! This little guy is actually pretty packed with great tech features (hence it not being higher on our list). Complete with aircraft grade aluminium, Bluetooth 4.0, 360 degree sound projection, 8 hours of continuous playback on a full charge, automatic wireless challenging AND it’s waterproof up to 3 meters…that’s a lot for a spaceship.

So now you might be wondering why it’s on our list at all – seeing as it’s such a genuinely great bit of tech – well we refer to our earlier point; why would you need your speaker to float? Playback is pretty awesome, but you do run the risk of looking a little like this whenever you bust it out…

For more info click here

6. Admit it; you wanted Heelys. All the cool kids were just rolling past looking slick and awesome; not to mention that kid in Honey who rolled around the stage like a boss. That being said, we’ve grown up a bit now (just a bit) and we could no longer get away with Heelys…but what if the technology improved as we aged…and there were now motorised Heelys?

Yes you read correctly; motorised Heelys! However, they’re not made by the same company. These bad boy shoes are called Rocketskates…and if you’re a big kid (like us) then you’ll want them.

These guys come with some pretty smart features too. You can change the speed to suit you (be it beginner, normal or pro), you can track your statistics wirelessly from your phone, log and share your route or even control them remotely from your phone…why? We have no idea.

Ok, so let’s be real; the reason they’re on here is because they don’t look great…at all. They’re clunky, you have to tip-toe in them to get around and you can’t exactly zoom in them. They’re a fun idea, but in reality they fall very much in the realm of ridiculous tech.

Kind of has us like…

Click here for more info…if you really want it…

5. Ok, so we’ve hit the mid-way point…it’s only d
ownhill from here. And to start this decline we have; the Petcube. In short, this is a camera, with two way audio and a built in laser…so you don’t have to miss your pet when you’re away. This way you can be a fully committed crazy cat lady, or lad. Missing Mr Snuffles? Then simple log into Petcube’s iOS or Android compatible app and see and speak to him! If he seems bored you can also keep him entertained…by remotely controlling the built in laser. Or if you’re not quite as committed to your furry friend then set a ‘Play Schedule’ and let the machine do the work for you.

I’m sure we don’t need to explain why this is on our list, but just in case, take a second to imagine actually using the app…in public. Or worse, you’re on a date and they whip this out to show you their precious little angel in real time and you’re forced to talk to it…yeah…no.

Click here so you know we haven’t made this up.

4. At number 4 we have a classic
example of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. May we introduce Edwin The Duck; the smart-rubber duck. Yup…you couldn’t make this up.

He doubles as a thermometer for your little cherub’s bath time and can sing songs and help tell stories…Can you really imagine playing with a rubber duck all day? Come on now guys, this wasn’t necessary.

Here’s Edwin’s website

3. In at number 3 is another piece of tech inspired by our feathered friends. This is the Bionic Bird; it flies and flaps its wings just like a real bird and it can be controlled by your phone. Right now that’s all it does. There are plans to integrate video streaming and increase the size of the bird, so it could potentially be used as a flapping spy drone presumably? But until then it’s just a robotic bird that looks like a real bird, but can only fly for eight minutes at a time. We’re not sure why.

Click here for more info

2. The runner up for the title of “How Did This Get Into Production” award goes to…The Xybernaut Poma. We’re not going to say anything about this one because we don’t feel we need to explain why it’s on this list…just look.

Just look at it! And it cost $1,500…


  1. Last but not…actually it’s definitely least, is the NoPhone. A plastic rectangle the size of a smartphone to try and wean you off your phone.

It does nothing. And it costs $10. Just no.

Here’s the site so you believe us.


And that’s it. Some really awesome pieces of tech and some things that are just so useless they make you a bit angry. Don’t worry, we feel you!

Until next time we hope you have a great day!


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