Top Tech Picks For Students

Top Tech Picks For Students

Yes it’s August, the birds are singing, the sun is shining and education is far from your mind…or at least it was. We know it’s still the holidays, but it’s better to look at things you might need to be “back to school” ready so that it’s not all thrust upon you the day before you have to leave. Besides, it’s tech! It’s the fun part of getting supplies because it’s all shiny and new and fun!

So without further ado, here are our top tech picks for students.


The perfect, light-weight companion for your studies is the tablet. Making a fierce comeback from Ancient Rome, the tablet is a great addition to any backpack. From instant internet access, so you don’t need to fight for a space in the Library, note applications, the ability to view your lecture slides up close and the freedom to peruse YouTube inconspicuously, a tablet is an  extremely versatile and useful bit of tech to have. Not to mention they can be used away from your classes as well, so your investment will have many more uses, unlike the

ridiculous load of books you’ll have to purchase.

However, it’s all too easy to buy a cheap, Android underdog, only to realise at a crucial moment that the performance is far from smooth. Fear not! We’re here to arm you with all the info you’ll need to make the smartest choice for your money.

Check out these convenient lists of the top tablets for every situation:


Tech Radar


Now you’ve got your Tablet, you need to fill it with the best Apps to get the most out of it. The best part of our modern, technology era (after modern medicine and developments in cosmology of course) is that we aren’t having to think as hard. Need to remember something? Make a list? Meditate? Calculate your sleep? Create a timetable? There’s an app for that. Which is especially handy after a particularly heavy night at the SU, you need sunglasses to open the fridge and can hardly remember what day it is; let alone which classes you have or how to take notes.

So, because we’re so nice and helpful, here are some of the top apps for students according to these trusted sites:

Life hack

Laptop Mag


As wonderful as tablets are for on the go work (and play) you still can’t beat the power and storage of a laptop. We would definitely say that these are a vital piece of equipment for students as it is pretty much impossible to complete a degree without one (and we’re speaking from experience here). There is a huge variety to choose from too; from the user-friendly and powerful MacBooks to the budget-friendly Chromebooks, there’s a laptop for every student.

Lucky for you, we’ve sifted through the best reviews and found you some top picks, for your convenience!

Tech Radar 



Got a last minute assignment due in and need to hand in a hard copy at 9am? No one wants to be rushing to the Library late into the night, nor do we want to be getting up extra early to fight for a place to print first thing in the morning. This is when your own printer will feel invaluable. It might seem like a potentially unnecessary expense, but trust us, a device that can scan and print will be extremely useful to you and your peers throughout your student years.

No need to worry about huge, boxy creations either. There are plenty of smaller models too; perfect for student digs. Not to mention, if you share a student house then splitting the bill might be a good plan. Especially if coursework is a large part of your degree, or deadline season is fast approaching.

Check out the best printers for students through these links:

PC advisor

Cyber Splat 

Audio Gear

Whether you’re walking to Campus, going HAM at the gym or hosting the P.O.T.Y, music is going to be a huge part of student life. So spare your ears, and your guests’, and grab some decent audio gear! Your friends and your street cred will thank you. There are so many times that a great set of speakers or headphones will come in handy, so it’s money well spent. Here are a few of the best compilations, to help you make an educated decision (geddit?)

Uni student life

Digital trends


A picture paints a thousand words, which is handy when your mate is paralytic and you can hardly say your name, but you NEED to take a selfie. This is why cameras are an excellent investment.

Ok, perhaps not precisely why, but the memories your make as a student are some of the best you’ll ever have. Not to mention, photos are an excellent, temporary, personal way to decorate your room. And how else will you become a BNOC if your photos aren’t on point? Your OOTD posts will look way more fierce with the added megapixels and any student photography shots will benefit too.

We’re not recommending you fork out crazy amounts for top grade equipment, nor are we suggesting you buy an ancient bit of kit. These brilliant, student friendly devices are the perfect middle ground, and feature things like built in wireless, so you can instantly share that killer shot of your squad to Twitter, even when your computer isn’t around.


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