Top Tech Picks Under £100

Keeping up with the newest gadgets needn’t cost the earth!

Here at Reviveaphone we understand how difficult it can be on the bank balance to keep up with the ever-changing world of tech, but once again we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a little list of our top picks for under £100! Satisfying your love for gadgets and your purse strings… you’re welcome.

1. Roku 3

If you love TV, can’t get enough of a new box set or are addicted to films, our first pick is right up your street. Offering 450+ channels of films, TV programmes and sport the Roku 3 takes streaming as seriously as you do. A development on older R
oku models, the Roku 3 promises to set “the new streaming standard.” Providing a 5x faster processor, extended wireless range and 1080p HD support this little guy is packed withbenefits and the ability to deliver as smooth an experience as possible. It also comes with several thoughtful features to take its versatility even further, such as; a remote with a headphone jack, for those late nights action movie marathons while the rest of the world is trying to sleep; motion control in the remote for gaming and the ability to control the device with your iOS or Android mobile, giving you the ability to send your music, photos and video to your HDTV and solving the age-old issue of “where’s the remote?” and “I want to change the channel, but it’s so far away”. Very considerate indeed! And from only £79 and a 3 months Now TV entertainment pass when you buy from Currys, everyone’s happy!

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2. Fitbit Flex

With people becoming more and more aware of their health and fitness, and with monitoring gadgets dropping in price, our next pick was a no brainer. The FITBIT Flex tracks speed, distance and calories burned during exercise; monitors your sleep and wirelessly syncs to your phone where all the data is stored in a handy app. It’s very basis, but the slim and flexible design make it comfortable and easy to wear while the selection of colour choices mean you can ensure it fits right in with your style.

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3. Kindle

Holidays, commutes, waiting rooms, all ideal times to get stuck into a good book, but the idea of lugging around a collection to suit your mood, or even your favourite 1,000 page read is pretty unappealing and totally impractical. Enter the Kindle. With touchscreen, a display with no screen glare and the ability to hold thousands of books, these little devices are extremely versatile and useful. The cheapest of the family is the 6” model, which provides all the perks of its larger siblings, with built in wi-fi, Kindle for Kids and a 1 GHz processor, but with a smaller screen. The battery life of these e-readers can last for weeks…yes…weeks! And you can even highlight, look up particularly long words on the built in dictionary and even see how long it will take to finish a chapter with the personalised Time to Read feature; adjusted to your personal reading speed and book for ultimate precision. With this little guy at only £57 and holiday season around the corner, we think this is a pretty solid investment, especially with tonnes of classic texts available for free.

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4. WickedHD

As if being involved in a car accident wasn’t a bad enough experience, all too often the careless coward can speed off and get away with it! Not cool. The solution? The WickedHD car Dashcam black box…with night vision. Complete with HD recording, automatic motion detection and G-Sensor enabled recording (automatically capturing video if it senses sudden breaking, impact, rapid acceleration or sharp cornering) it has you, and your insurance claim, covered. We challenge any future dipstick drivers to try and get away with their terrible driving again! We’ve also outdone our budget as this device is under £50.

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5. Google Chromecast

It seems as though every day we’re bombarded with a plethora of viral videos, addictive box sets and so much incredible TV it’s hard to keep up! Naturally, we all want to share these internet gems with our nearest and dearest, but huddling around a tablet or laptop screen feels pretty pre-historic these days. Wouldn’t it be great if we could send all these little nuggets of cat-video-goodness directly to our Televisions? Well, you can! Google’s Chromecast dongle is a seriously simple, versatile and high-performance way to share all of your favourite online content on your TV.  Not only is it compatible with BBC iPlayer, Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies and TV, Google Play Music and Chrome; it’s remote-free and works with iPhone, iPad, Android devices, chrome for Windows and Mac and Chromebooks. We’re seriously impressed with this thumb-sized gizmo and at under £30 with delivery from Amazon, we’re sure you’ll agree!

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6. The WD My Passport

Fail to prepare and prepare to fail applies to so many aspects of life, including backing up your hard drive. Nothing could be more heartbreaking than losing those priceless snaps of your newborn baby, Grandma’s birthday
or your mate Greg in Magaluf. Fear not! The WD My Passport Ultra
Portable Hard Drive is here to stop that from becoming a reality. With fast transfer speeds, 1tb of data and WD SmartWare your data is quickly, efficiently and securely backed up. Its compatibility with both USB 2.0 and 3.0 and weighing in at a mere 160g it’s ideal for anyone working on the go. It’s password protected, has hardware encryption and a 5 year guarantee from PC World, so it really ticks all of the boxes regarding safety too. Peace of mind won’t even set you back £50 with this guy so you can keep all of Greg’s epic lad moments safe and your bank balance happy at the same time! Epic.

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7. Hue Wireless Lighting

There are few feelings better than getting home after a long, tiring day, flopping onto your bed or sofa and just letting yourself release all the stress from your body as you slump into the comfort. There are also few feelings that are more disappointing than the realisation that you have to leave your comfort nest to turn the light off. As your personal problem-solvers Reviveaphone are here to say those days are in the past! With Hue wireless lighting from Philips all you need is your iOS or Android Smart device and the power of dimming is in your, uninterrupted, hands. You can even set the mood before you walk through the door so that your home is perfectly set for you. Pretty nifty! Available below as a starter kit including two bulbs and a bridge to have your  custom lighting set up in no time.

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Holiday season is here and sun, sand and sea are close on the horizon! Unfortunately so is the possibility of being stuck in a hotel room with nothing but an ethernet cable or dodgey wifi. Create a quick, secure hotspot anywhere you like with the TP-LINK wireless router! Its compact size and ability to share a 300Mbps connection around an averaged sized room makes it seriously handy. Not to mention, it can be powered by an external power adapter or a USB connection to a computer making it very easy to use in lots of different situations. This pocket-sized powerhouse even provides WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryptions, to effectively protect the wireless network and has a pre-encryption function for extra protection. Pretty clever! And at under £30, it’s also very impressive.

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9. Crucial 128GB MX100 SSD

No more will you need to choose between speed and capacity. May we introduce the Crucial 128GB MX100 SSD. Nothing upgrades your computer’s performance like switching from a HDD (Hard Drive) to an SSD (solid-state drive). Traditionally the extra power and higher read and write speeds have come at a hefty price per gigabyte, but with the MX100 that is far from the case. This pick starts at around £67 for 128GB with free delivery. And if that wasn’t enough it comes with Micron’s reputation for reliability! That’s what we call an all-rounder.

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10. LOGITECH Harmony 650 Universal remote control

Last, but by no means least, is the ingenious LOGITECH Harmony 650 Universal remote control. If you’re anything like us and your love of all things tech has left your coffee table more remote control than table, then LOGITECH is here to restore Harmony to your HI-FI system. This clever little gadget is able to replace up to 8 different remote controls in one sleek device. The control’s colour screen helps remove guesswork as it shows icons for your favourite channels and commands and even provides help when required! What’s more, it’s very simple to set up. Unlike a great deal of gadgets the Harmony 650 comes with an online set up guide to make the set up process as simple as possible. This control is also one of the most versatile devices we’ve ever seen, supporting over 5,000 high-tech brands and, due to device database being constantly updated, the ability to connect with future devices too! So whether you’re feeling retro with your old VCR or taking it HD with your high-end Blu-ray player, this guy has you covered!

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